IC 342 Is a Spiral Galaxy

Kunden sollen auch hier die Gelegenheit haben, dass eine oder andere Foto zu veröffentlichen. Kommentieren werde ich die Fotos nicht. Das soll aber nicht heißen, dass Leser des Blogs die Bilder nicht kommentieren dürfen. Also Kommentare erwünscht!!!

Hier noch die technischen Daten zum Bild:

So as to the Equipment List; SkyShed POD on the shore of Lake Michigan, with AP Eagle Tripod and AP Mach1 Mount, GSO 12″ carbon fiber tube RC with AP CCDT67 Focal Reducer for 6.05 FR at 1830mm Focal Length, QSI540wsg-8 CCD Camera with AstroDon LRGB Filters, Optec Camera Rotator, SX LodeStar Guide Camera and MaxIM DL v5.18 Software for capture and Calibration, CCDStack process and PShop CS5 post process. This Scope/Camera combination yields a 28.4×28.4 arc-min Field of View, which is largely filled by the Galaxy. It is indeed a nice Target to capture, although tough to pull in. 11x 420-seconds and 13x 480-seconds Luminance subframes and 5x each 360-seconds R, G and B subframes. So a total of just over 4-1/2 hours of data was captured for this image. I consider this image to be among the best that I have captured and processed to date. For me, this is why we chase the Objects in the Night Sky.